Pre-Fall 2014

When I browse the seasonal designer’s collections my focus is usually wool. Naturally, I get very excited when it’s time for Pre-Fall fashion, even though we are in the deep of winter. There was plenty of lovely wool and cozy in plenty, but what really got me excited was the fresh and fabulous Yellow! sweaters from Philosophy. Although I love the entire collection, it was the yellow jumpers I kept returning to.

Philosophy PF2014 Yellow2

The first is a slouchy, loosely cabled pullover – fun, bright but still comfortable and cozy. The second pullover has a distinctly vintage air – fitted, demure ribbing, and almost worn, felted look. What a fabulous way to bring the sunshine of summer into the crisp cool days of fall.

Philosophy PF2014 Yellow1

I would love to know, what are your favorite colors for Fall weather knits?

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