Double Decrease for the Lazlo Slouch and Beanie

The Lazlo Slouch and Lazlo Beanie both use a unique double decrease. This decreases requires a little bit of faith and courage because you must leave your center stitch hanging in midair, unbound from a needle, for a few seconds. I promise, you’ll survive. Video Tutorial here.


K1, P1 In-Pattern Increases for the Whitman Hat and Mitts: kfb and k1-r/b (or k1b or k-b)

In both the Whitman hat and the Whitman Fingerless Mitts I work both the increases and decreases in pattern for a seamless look. In this tutorial I show you how to work a kfb and k1-r/b over a k1, p1 repeat. Video Tutorial here.


Invisible Sewn Bind-Off in Pattern

The Invisible Sewn Bind-Off is a little known, but incredibly awesome, bind-off. It’s similar to Elizabeth Zimmerman’s sewn bind-off, but I find it easier and more adaptable. One of my favorite things about this technique is that it can be used to bind off “in pattern.” This means knit stitches get bound-off knit-wise, and purl stitches get bound-off purl-wise. As if that wasn’t exciting enough, it’s also incredibly stretchy and will not cause your cast-off edge to curl. What is not to love! Written Tutorial here.

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