Whitman is Finally Here!

I’m thrilled to launch my first pattern! The photo shoot was a totally new thing for me. Usually when I take photos of my finished knit items it’s me taking selfies on my iPhone. Luckily, I have some fabulous friends that jumped on board to make a real photo shoot happened. I was able to borrow a real camera from my friend and brilliant artist, Ali Silverstein, Michael did the shooting and my model is the lovely Jacqueline Stuart.

This is one of my favorite shots, not the best for the covershot for the photo, not enough detail of the hat and her look is “severe” (or so I’m told). But honestly, that’s why I really love this shot. Honest, no-bullshit beauty with a touch of melancholy. Such is life.

GG 3.2 sm

In the meantime, you can see photos, pattern info and a buy it now link on the Pattern page.

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