Science Matters, Truth Matters


As our nation speeds headlong towards a fascist state, like a drunk barreling the wrong way down the highway, individuals are asking, “What can I do in the face of such madness wielded by such powerful institutions?”

The answer is simple: do something – resist.

  • Organize with your friends and neighbors (the people you feel comfortable and safe with).
  • Reach out in solidarity to one person or one community who is more vulnerable than you.
  • Donate or volunteer for the cause most important to you.
  • Shake the hand of an immigrant and say, “thank you for being here.”
  • Smile at someone from a different religion.
  • March For Science in April, in DC or in the nearest city.
  • Knit a hat (or twelve) for science, for endangered species, for climate change, for space exploration, for medical research, for teachers.
  • Download the Science Matters Hat pattern for free: download now
  • Download the GENEie Hat patterns for free on the ChemKnitsBlog

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